Nieuwe WarmteWeg (DNWW)

Nieuwe WarmteWeg (DNWW)

Project: De Nieuwe WarmteWeg (DNWW) - Rotterdam

Contractor: Visser & Smit Hanab Installatie BV
AVS Delivery: ZWICK,  TRI-CHECK,  Metal Seated, Stop-Check-Valves.

For this project, 26 kilometer long piping will be installed for transporting heated water. The Nieuwe WarmteWeg will transport waste heat originating from waste incineration plant AVR Rozenburg. In the coming years 50,000 houses and companies will use this sustainable heat. The AVR Rozenburg heated water will circulate in a closed system. To keep the system pressurized, 3 booster stations will be built. Oct. 2012, AVS has been awarded the order for the supply of 19 pcs. ZWICK Stop-Check-Valves for these three booster stations. Delivery of the valves took place in April 2013. AVS is pleased to support the Rotterdam climate initiative with their CO2 (reduction) emission program.


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