Koppel leiding regio Arnhem

Koppel leiding regio Arnhem

Project: Koppelleiding, AVR - Duiven

Contractor: Cofely West Nederlands
AVS Delivery: ZWICK,  Metal Seated, Stop Check valves
Persta, Globe valves, series 200AE

This project will ensure that in the near future, district heating (city: Arnhem) will be supplied over the existing structure. Heating, now provided by WKC Kleefsewaard will stop in short term and will be taken over by waste incinerator AVR Duiven.

Energy from waste is now even more efficient! To make this al happen a coupling line (koppelleiding) is required to be build and all necessary preparation needs to be done on site at AVR Duiven. AVS is awarded the contract for supplying all necessary O-C valves.

Facts coupling line (koppelleiding):
Maximum capacity: 30 Mw , this is enough for 4,000 housekeeping and 100 businesses.

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