Advanced Valve Solutions (AVS) recently finished a couple of large projects where AVS supplied all valves and hot stabs for Temporary Subsea Pig Launch and Receive Stations for Pipe laying services. In total AVS supplied about 80 Temporary 4” 2500# Trunnion Mounted Subsea Ball Valves, 120 2” floating Ball valves and several 1” ball valves and check valves in various sizes. The reason to select Trunnion Mounted Subsea Ball valves is based on the experience of many operators that on the floating valve design, after a period of non operation there is a chance of an uncontrolled increase of the torque. This increase of torque makes the operation of the valve difficult for the ROV. The orders were completed with the supply of several new developed Special Hydraulic 4” Stab connector systems. This system is a solution for all the time consuming operation of larger size hot stabs, especially in Deep waters like 2500m and more. The actual 4” hot stab is operated by a small API 6A dual port hot stab which is operated by the ROV. The hydraulic pressure available from the ROV operates the 4” Hot Stab in a smooth, reliable way.

Details are available upon request.

Brand: Cortec

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