Waste To Energy Project

23 February, 2016
Waste To Energy Project

AVS worked with the main contractor for the build of this brand new Waste to Energy plant supplying a major European city.

We quoted for all the control and isolation valves for the turbine hall (balance of plant) including;

  • HP bypass valves
  • HP main steam stop valve
  • Steam turbine quick closing valve
  • Hydraulic actuators and power packs
  • Safety valve and silencers.


The majority of the valves that we supplied were from companies that we represent; Hora, Persta and Zwick, however the nature of the project required us to source certain specialised valves from other manufacturers.


Throughout the design, ordering and commissioning of the plant, AVS was the knowledge base for all aspects of the valve design, installation and performance. As well as supplying the hardware AVS wrote the functional description for the control valves, HP bypass valves and hydraulic units.


During the quotation phase of the project, AVS supported the main contractor in the design of the steam turbine systems, processes, piping routes, valve selection, planning etc.


In total we supplied 2,907 line items in 70 part deliveries. The first delivery was in September 2005, the last delivery was in August 2006.

As with all large projects, the original specifications were modified during the build stage and AVS were again on hand to provide advice and flexibility in the order process.

When the first orders were placed some elements of the engineering design were still outstanding. This caused a large number of valves modifications, all of which we coped with and worked with our suppliers to minimise the impact on costs and timescales.


In 2006 AVS provided support during commissioning and advised on further minor modifications.

We supported the supplier of the DCS system with functional descriptions of the hydraulic units and actuators and assisted with the programming of the DCS.

During the hot commissioning, we remained on standby to solve any unforeseen valve problems. The biggest valve issue was the repair and modification of the steam turbine quick closing valves.

Advanced Vales Solutions supported the main contractor from quotation to final hand over of all the critical application valves and hundreds of secondary valves. We solved many design issues, large and small, and we filled in gaps left by others due to incomplete engineering designs.


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