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4 July, 2015

GERMANY march 20, 2014 – This is the third Seminar organized by Advanced Valve Solutions and again; it was an enormous success! The participants were very impressed with the depth and content, knowledge level and the variety of topics that were presented.

The next edition has been planned already, don’t hesitate to sign up, places are limited and going fast!

Valves& more is an educative technical seminar which is held in Germany at our various production facilities, hosted by Advanced Valve Solutions. It is built around a 2-day program at HORA and Persta and can be extended by an optional third day at Zwick, who are three of the manufacturers represented by Advanced Valve Solutions. Those attending this seminar were treated to a technical course that included the design, calculation and the functionality of the different valve types: control valves, desuperheaters, HP isolation valves and triple offset butterfly valves.

The subjects discussed are very relevant to the Power Industry and included: “thermal stress in materials, applications and constructions, design and reliability, cast- versus forged materials and the new developments on the valve market”. Of course the seminar also included guided tours through the various production facilities. A very unique extra is the exclusive visit to the forging facility, ear protection provided! Also, the opportunity is given for participants to raise their own issues and experiences with on-off valves and control valves. This is of great benefit to all attending.

If you or your organization is interested in attending the next Seminar then please contact Advanced Valve Solutions or your Area Sales Manager for further details. The next event is planned for October 2014. The costs are limited to your own travel expenses and the hotel costs. We will coordinate the reservations of the hotels.

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