The Hora iPhone App ValveMate

4 July, 2015

Hora’s valvemate is THE application to calculate water- and steamvalves. With this app it’s possible to do calculations by your own regarding thermodynamical properties of water and steam. ValveMate is very user-friendly with a very easy interface to type in parameters as flow, pressure and temperature. The results will show up in a fast and easy way. Also, ValveMate detects flashing and shows the steamfraction of a mixture at the valve outlet.

ValveMate can calculate:

Flow coefficient (KV / CV value)Flow rate (mass flow rate G / Volume flow rate Q)Pressure drop (delta P)Minimum internal diameter based on the maximum velocity of the medium

Besides that the following thermodynamical properties:

EnthalpyDensitySaturated pressure and temperatureIsentropical exponentJoule-Thomson temperatureMass fraction in case of steam at outlet. (import in case of flashing)

The app can be easily downloaded at the Appstore.

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