AVS help Marchwood CCGT Power Station save £200,000 per year

4 July, 2015

The problem for James Brown, the Mechanical Engineer at Marchwood Power Station, was that the desuperheater valves installed would fail on average once a year leading to plant unavailability with all the obvious associated costs and some less obvious engineering issues.


  • HRSG final desuperheaters (HP & IP) failing in service
  • Life expectancy < 12 months
  • Expensive to replace and overhaul
  • High cost due to plant unavailability


  • High quality, well engineered desuperheaters
  • Protected by a steam cooled jacket
  • Life expectancy > 12 YEARS!

James had worked with AVS on a previous project so had confidence in our engineers. He’d also had a positive experience of Hora valves elsewhere at Marchwood.

The installed desuperheaters were replaced with Hora cooled desuperheaters each protected by a unique steam cooled jacket.

The inspection cycle for the desuperheaters is now > 6 years and replacement is now > 12 years. Project payback was 1 year.

Download the information sheet Marchwood CCGT Save £200,000 per year

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