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Perrin Valves manufactures ball valves for use in nearly every professional environment and for customers all over the world.

This well respected German manufacturer, supplies mainly special type of ball valves for Petrochemical, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Cement, Steel mills and liquid gases (e.g. LNG) applications.

Ever increasing industrial demand for pipeline components requires profound, innovative know-how. Through constant research and high standards of quality, Perrin Valves has laid the foundation for their staying competitive today and in the future.

Perrin's production is concentrated on two sites that cover an area of 5,790 sqm altogether. One plant is located in Nidderau near Frankfurt in the Rhine Main region. The other one is in Prenzlau, a city close to the German capital of Berlin.

The company has 100 employees, who are highly skilled and experienced in developing, engineering and manufacturing ball valves, and constitute the foundation of Perrin's top-quality, high-performance, reliable and flexible products.

Since the company's foundation 100 years ago, Perrin has focussed on specialist markets in order to be able to provide customers with high quality standard and customised ball valves.

Perrin Valves products include:

Power products

Oil & Gas products

Petro Chemical products

Perrin Valves projects


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