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MACOGA manufacture metal & rubber/elastomer special engineered expansion bellows and joints for applications within Petro Chemical, Power, Geothermal, Oil & Gas, Iron & Steel, Cement industries and many more.

MACOGA Expansion Joints are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with E.J.M.A. (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, Inc), Appendix BB of Section VIII of the ASME Code Div. I, and other internationally recognised codes (AD-Merkblatter B13m Stoomwezen D 0901, Suomen SFS 2773, CODAP).

Circular joints are manufactured with single or multiple ply with a diameter ranging from 15 to 7000 mm.

MACOGA’s product range includes Circular Expansion Joints for the following types:

Axial • Lateral •Hinged •Gimbal •Pressure Balanced •Jacketed •Externally Pressurised

And the following Rectangular Expansion Joints:

V-shaped – Camera Corner •V-Shaped – Miter Corner (single or double) • U-Shaped – Rounded Corner

MACOGA products include:

Power products

Petro Chemical products

MACOGA Projects

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