Generate More Profit From Your Power Station

17 May, 2016
Generate More Profit From Your Power Station

Financial benefits for power stations

Did you know that there is a high probability that you can
generate more profit from your power station?

Advanced Valve Solutions would like to help you to examine the key valves in your installation to check if there are opportunities for financial benefit. AVS is a company with a focus on high end valve systems in the power industry. We are a valve supplier with considerable knowledge of processes in the water and steam cycle of power plants. We represent German manufacturers of leading technology control and isolation valves.

What we would like to do for your installation and how:

  • We would like to help you to improve the total efficiency of your
    installation and to reduce maintenance and operational costs.
  • We would like to help you to go through your system and review your design and current parameters, operational hours and hardware.
  • Based on the information gathered we will be able to provide you with
    proposals for improvements.

The annual financial benefits can vary from relatively small to substantial. However, even smaller benefits can make a substantial contribution to your profitability, especially when keeping in mind that these benefits will be there year after year.

To give you an idea of the annual benefits that can be obtained we have listed a few examples opposite. These are based on a power station with a capacity of about 900MW.

Please download our flyer outlining potential cost savings.


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