Advanced Valve Solutions

Advanced Valve Solutions B.V. (AVS) was established in 1998 and has since earned an unparalleled reputation for supplying specialist valves and equipment into some of the most demanding industrial applications. Together with our sister companies Advanced Valve Solutions (UK) Ltd and Advanced Valve Solutions USA Inc. our team of experienced engineers has been delivering tailor made engineered solutions to customers in the Power, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical markets.

Our sales engineers have extensive process knowledge and experience in the field of valves, control valves and other fittings. From this knowledge we design customised solutions utilising high quality, innovative products that optimise process control and performance.

Our solutions deliver improved plant availability and reduced cost savings by utilising products that perform better, are less prone to wear and last longer.

Advanced Valve Solutions works with a number of carefully selected, well-established quality manufacturers. Excellent collaboration, communication and relations with our manufacturers make it possible to respond quickly and effectively to your technical questions.



Steam coolers, bypass valves, steam and feedwater control valves, stop valves, stop check valves, OTC control valves and more for applications in the power generation industry.

Oil & Gas


Butterfly valves, ball valves, choke valves, compact check valves, subsea ball valves and more for applications in the oil & gas industry.

Petro chemical


A wide range of service valves and ball valves manufactured from corrosion resistant high quality plastic materials for applications in the petrochemical industry.

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