Advanced Valve Solutions

Designs and delivers innovative, custom engineered high-end valves, valves, control valves, steam coolers, bypass valves and valve systems tailored for the power, oil and gas and petrochemical industries.

From our offices in the Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States, we realize expertly-devised solutions for installations around the world.



Steam coolers, bypass valves, steam and feedwater control valves, stop valves, stop check valves, OTC control valves and more for applications in the power generation industry.

Oil & Gas


Butterfly valves, ball valves, choke valves, compact check valves, subsea ball valves and more for applications in the oil & gas industry.

Petro chemical


A wide range of service valves and ball valves manufactured from corrosion resistant high quality plastic materials for applications in the petrochemical industry.

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